Luis Medina

Luis Medina comes from one of the most important aristocratic families of Spain, the Medinaceli’s, direct descendants from the king Alfonso X of Castile —or Alfonso X The Wise—. Luis appears regularly in Spanish magazines, he’s stylish and he has been considered one of the most attractive and elegant men of our times. Luis Medina has a close relationship with the Fashion world. He has visited the best catwalks together with his mother, the ex model Nati Abascal, since he was 13. Because of this reason and because of his education on economic studies in prestigious universities he has become a relevant enterprising in the Fashion world. He has got the prestigious showroom “Showme” off the ground, where there’s place just for the most exclusive international brands. Moreover, Luis sometimes stars some editorials for prestigious brands and he appears regularly in Vanity Fair’s list of the most elegant men.